Free stainless steel welding technical handbook

09 March 2009

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Free stainless steel welding technical handbookAdvice about the most effective methods and techniques for welding stainless steel is contained in ESAB's new stainless steel welding technical handbook.

The 92-page guide brings together knowledge and experience acquired from contracts around the world. It includes tables giving the classifications and approvals - as well as the typical chemical compositions - of the ESAB consumables available for use with various types of welding. The handbook covers consumables for joining and cladding stainless steel and nickel-based alloys.

Information is also provided on three new rutile MMA (manual metal arc welding) electrodes that perform effectively when arc welding at all positions with very low welding currents.

New ESAB electrodes have been developed in co-operation with the petrochemical and paper and pulp industries, where there is increasing use of thin-walled stainless pipe and sheet.

ESAB's stainless steel welding technical handbook provides generic information on how to get the most out of fluxes used for submerged arc welding, and how corrosion and ferrite in weld metals affect welds involving stainless steel.

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