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11 May 2009

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TDK-Lambda UK is showcasing an extensive array of new and innovative products, ranging from tiny board-mounting DC–DC converters to multi-kilowatt power supplies, at this year's National Electronics Week (NEW).

Demonstrating TDK-Lambda's digital control technologies is the new EFE Series. These ultra-small embedded front-end power supplies employ a low-cost 8-bit microcontroller to achieve full digital control of the output and to handle housekeeping routines, replacing the conventional analogue circuitry without the associated cost premium that a DSP-based digital option would bring.

Visitors to the stand can examine more closely the first products in the range, the 300W EFE300 and EFE300M and the 400W EFE400 single-output supplies. The EFE300M meets the rigorous international safety standards for medical equipment – with 4kV AC reinforced input to output isolation and other specifications such as output to ground isolation of 1500V AC – making it suitable for use in B and BF type medical applications.

Rack-mountable, programmable DC power supplies of the Genesys range are claimed to set a new standard for flexible, reliable, AC/DC power systems for OEM, industrial, ATE, test and laboratory applications. Covering 1U, 2U and 3U formats, they are available from 750W to 15kW and are programmable via GPIB, LAN and USB and come standard with analogue programming.

New Genesys models

On display during the show will be TDK-Lambda's newest addition to the Genesys range, the 1U 2.4kW. The full line up of 12 models includes units with output voltage ratings of 0–8, 0–60, 0–150 and 0–600V. Maximum output current for the lowest voltage range is 300A. The wide range input is continuously variable from 170–265V AC, in both single- or three-phase, and all units feature active power factor correction.

Particularly well suited to budget-conscious applications, TDK-Lambda's new 25W and 35W models will be on show from its LS Series of convection-cooled single-output power supplies. These general-purpose units are claimed to be up to four per cent more efficient than similar products available on the market today – the efficient design achieves excellent thermal properties and offers higher reliability. The 25W LS25-48 model, for instance, achieves a typical efficiency of 85 per cent. Standard output voltages range from 3.3-48V DC, delivering currents up to 7A. To accommodate non-standard system voltages, the LS Series is user-adjustable.

National Electronics Week takes place at London's Earls Court 2 venue from 16-18 June 2009. During the show, visitors to the TDK-Lambda stand will have the opportunity to see an impressive display of products as well as speak to TDK-Lambda engineers about their project needs. For further details, call Beverley Hancock on +44 (0)1271 856600 or email .

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