Free catalogue of arc and gas welding equipment

16 March 2009

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Free catalogue of arc and gas welding equipmentMurex is publishing a new 56-page A4 catalogue that brings together the company's complete range of arc and gas welding equipment.

Offering more in-depth information than the previous Murex product literature, the new catalogue contains a valuable Easy Specification Guide for all Murex arc machines, providing at-a-glance information on suitability for specific welding processes.

Breakdowns of individual MIG, TIG and MMA welding packages are also provided, together with details of individual components to specify for MIG and TIG welding torches.

The publication includes details of the comprehensive range of Saffire gas welding and cutting products including information on all interchangeable cutting attachments to carry out operations such as heating, flame cutting, inert cutting, circle cutting and gouging.

Copies of the new catalogue are available by calling Freephone +44 (0)800 3893152 or by emailing .

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