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25 June 2009

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Siemens views the current economic environment as a golden opportunity to increase its market share in the field of machine tools. On the occasion of a Siemens trade fair press conference prior to EMO 2009, Uwe Frank, CEO of the Motion Control Systems Business Unit, said: "With our innovative and energy-efficient solutions we aim to help our customers and machine users further improve their productivity, working together with them to set a course for promising new machine generations.

"Our EMO 2009 presentation will provide major new impetus, highlighting ways in which machine manufacturers can use innovative technologies and integrated solutions to implement efficient new future-proof concepts within short periods of time whilst also providing the user with a high degree of investment security."

In its role as automation partner Siemens provides a portfolio that fits the expectations placed by both machine manufacturers and machine users. The Siemens systems and products not only efficiently leverage the optimisation potential of existing machine tool concepts but also support cost-effective acceleration of the time to market for new ideas.

Faster to market

A shorter prototyping phase is of critical importance to machine tool manufacturers. At this year's EMO, Siemens will be exhibiting approaches in engineering efficiency, ranging from product life-cycle management and virtual machines to mechatronic support. Frank states: "No other company supplies such kind of portfolio or can lay claim to comparable competence in the field."

Siemens claims to be the only supplier worldwide capable of providing all systems for the entire CAD/CAM/CNC process chain from a single source. Investment security in technologies and efficient operations are of critical importance to the user. At the EMO event, Siemens will be showcasing platforms and Sinumerik control systems for all applications in machine tools, ranging from basic shop-floor applications to compact machine tools and high-end applications. Frank says: "This provides machine users with the investment security they seek." Included here are drive platforms, a new user interface and optimised smart motion control technologies applied in milling or technology packages for three-axis or five-axis machining.

Frank continues: "With our industry-specific technologies and continuing innovation processes, we are creating the basis for future-proof investment." For users, this translates into long-term asset utilisation, operational continuity and permanent adaptability of automation systems to changing operating requirements. This entails, according to Frank, benefits such as integration in production planning, quality management or track&trace systems, the option of adding robotic units for part handling or facility for setting up production lines from existing machines without encountering any interface problems.

Energy efficiency

Operating costs are increasingly determined by the cost of energy. In order to leverage all energy-saving potential, all forms of energy used in and around a piece of machinery need to be included in any appraisal. Frank notes: "This also explains why, within Totally Integrated Automation [TIA], we are innovating our Siemens solutions not only with a view to reducing energy consumption but also optimising the full energy management chain."

Siemens views the current market crisis as a golden opportunity, states Frank. According to the German Machine Tool Builders' Association (VDW), innovative motion control systems, smart control technology, technology partnerships, standardisation and safety features built into the systems are major success factors in machine tools. Frank concludes: "By consistently building on our strengths – our innovation leadership, our customer focus, our portfolio and our global presence – we are making a vital contribution towards ensuring that the European machine building industry emerges from these difficult times in good shape."

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