Rockwell Automation launches regional training hubs

02 October 2009

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Rockwell Automation is responding to customers who are finding increasingly difficult to justify sending engineers and technicians long distances to training courses. Whereas around 80 per cent of Rockwell's training used to be undertaken at centralised training facilities, the company is finding that the figure has dropped to around 23 per cent. Most training now takes place at customers' premises, hotels or other facilities convenient for the attendees, or at other venues - typically distributors or system integrators. Localised training offers customers the benefits of substantially reduced costs, though lower payments for travel and overnight stays in hotels, plus staff remain available in case they are required urgently on site.

Throughout the UK and Ireland, Rockwell Automation has now established a series of training hubs. Furthermore, the type of training being delivered tends to be for a broader blend of skills, and customers have a choice of standard or bespoke training courses.

Rockwell's Blended Training programme features:

  • Individual skills assessments
  • A Personal Training Plan that ensures only the necessary training is undertaken
  • A cost-effective range of training options covering automation systems from Rockwell Automation and other suppliers, industrial IT, networks and machinery safety
  • Personalised development that is matched to the needs of the individual and the company
  • A personal mentor who reinforces the acquired knowledge based on the customer's installed system and application
  • Training refreshed and assessed at regular intervals

John Hartfield, Rockwell Automation's Service Delivery Manager, explains that the aim is "To provide quality delivery and affordable pricing in locations that suit customer needs. We need to get closer to where customers are, and not simply expect them to come to where we are."

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