ESAB announces sponsorship of ShipWeld 2013

20 March 2013

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ESAB announces sponsorship of ShipWeld 2013The annual ShipWeld Competition, sponsored by ESAB, is a welding craft competition for UK ship yard apprentices. The competition reflects not only their ship yard training requirements, but also provides a route to the development of additional welding skills and competitive experience. This year will see the fifth annual ShipWeld competition take place and once again the ESAB Group will sponsor the event, underlining the company’s commitment to welding skills development.

Cheron Robinson of ESAB says: “We want to give as many UK ship yard apprentice welders as possible the invaluable experience of the ShipWeld competition as part of their apprenticeship training. ShipWeld not only reinforces the importance of an apprentice’s welding course craft practice, but is also a great competition for young professionals to share their experiences and meet other apprentices from other shipyards. Everyone who participates is really a winner.”

The 2013 Shipweld competition is split into initial Internal Ship Yard competitions followed by an Annual Final. The Internal Ship Yard competitions are led by individual UK ship yards and in the simplest case could be the selection of the best practical course welding work produced during their apprenticeship. Alternatively it could be a competition based on weld test pieces which reflect the welding joint requirements of individual ship yards and underline the quality of weld test pieces produced in competition conditions.

The Annual Final will take place 5–7 November 2013. It will involve up to the first two selected candidates from the internal shipyard competition from each competing yard.

ESAB’ s Shipweld 2013 information pack is now available - call 0800 389 3152 for details, or email .

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