Heason installs cleanroom assembly facility

23 September 2010

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Heason Technology Limited has installed a new cleanroom area for component preparation and final assembly of customised motion platforms at its West Sussex production facility. The fully equipped cleanroom is in response to ever increasing demands from customers for higher volumes of vacuum and clean room prepared motion systems and allows Heason to perform assembly in-house.

The cleanroom was used extensively to fulfil a recent £250k order from Synchrotron Soleil, the French national synchrotron research laboratory, covering the design and manufacture of linear and rotary nanopositioning manipulators that combine as a 14 axis ultra-high vacuum and low magnetic motion system. The ceramic motor driven system was assembled in Heason's cleanroom in final preparation for delivery to France for the new ANTARES soft x-ray scanning photoemission microscope project that is housed in a 10-10 UHV chamber.

The area will also be of benefit for Heason's customers in the medical equipment and semiconductor sectors where ceramic motors and other high precision servomotor technologies are combined with precision bearing systems and high resolution feedback components for complete custom built motion platform solutions which often require clean assembly before delivery and installation.

The positive pressure cleanroom system includes a HEPA fan filter, a sealed entry area with a tacky mat, and staff using the area will gown-up in full bunny suits with gloves, hats, masks and overshoes. Full procedures for the room include a list of approved and non approved materials and the strict use of assembly tools that remain inside the area.

Jon Howard, Heason's General Manager says "Our new cleanroom addresses the needs of customers such as Synchrotron Soleil, Diamond Light Source and STFC who increasingly insist that their suppliers are able to deliver vacuum ready and cleanroom prepared assemblies," Howard adds, "the area will allow us to add further value to our custom motion platform design and manufacturing service."

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