Ballscrews and shafts machined to order

30 June 2010

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HepcoMotion has invested further in its ability to machine special shaft ends and its BSP Ballscrew Premier range to meet customer requirements, which adds to the existing characteristics of these products: easy selection, good availability, very competitive prices and rapid dispatch.

Ballscrew Premier is a compact range of rolled and ground ball screws in a single DIN nut format and also includes a range of high-lead and miniature screws. The most popular sizes are available ex-stock and suit applications where medium accuracy and short lead times are the principal criteria.

For applications where preload is important, HepcoMotion offers the same range with a C5 ground screw and an A2 lightly preloaded single nut. Complementing the series are high-lead (BSPH) and miniature screws (BSPM) covering rolled C7 and ground grades. Any combination of accuracy and preload can be supplied across all types.

All ball screws are supplied, as standard, with the ends machined and the nut assembled onto the screw. A choice of supported-end and fixed-end bearings completes the portfolio. Bespoke machining and other special requirements have always been provided since the introduction of this range but now HepcoMotion is taking this capability into another league. Investment in a completely new CNC process at its factory in Tiverton enables HepcoMotion to undertake more machining work on both ball screws and shafts. Production Director Barry Engstrom states: "We are matching market demand for hard part turning with a facility that really adds value for our customers. The process ensures lead time reduction based on significantly improved cycle times."

High accuracy and repeatability are additional and important benefits, as is HepcoMotion's ability to support an increased range of ball screw products with this process. It will also give HepcoMotion tighter control over all customers' machining requirements, as the complete process is undertaken in-house.

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