Welder Guide Book for users of rutile flux-cored wires

01 September 2010

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Welder Guide Book for users of rutile flux-cored wiresESAB has published a new Welder Guide Book that will help users of all-positional rutile flux-cored wires to maximise the benefits of these versatile consumables when working with non-alloyed and low-alloyed steels. This pocket-sized (A6) book runs to 32 pages and contains a wealth of information about welding with all-positional rutile cored wires; it is an invaluable reference source for all welders, whether they are new to this process or experienced.

When correctly applied, ESAB's all-positional rutile flux-cored wires offer the advantages of excellent weldability, smooth weld metal wetting and good weld appearance. High productivity can be achieved, even when welding in the vertical up position or overhead, yet the welds are defect-free, with good mechanical properties and low-hydrogen weld metal. To help welders achieve these results, ESAB's new handbook provides all of the necessary information in a concise, easy-to-read format.

For example, the Welder Guide Book provides a helpful checklist so that welders can ensure that the welding equipment has been properly maintained and is correctly prepared and adjusted. Where appropriate, clear diagrams and photographs illustrate the points being made - such as to show the correct positioning of the contact tip and gas nozzle relative to each other. Other issues highlighted in the handbook include the requirements for positive polarity and the minimum choke setting.

An entire section within the book is devoted to setting and optimising the welding parameters, and there is a table showing suggested parameter settings for different welding positions and weld types (root or fill). Similarly, the book explains the factors to consider when selecting the correct wire size, and there is a table showing which wire diameters are suitable for various weld positions and types.

Torch position

Further detail is provided on the best torch position for different welding positions, and there is guidance on vertical up welding techniques, and split weave and stringer bead techniques.

ESAB's all-positional rutile cored wires are often used in mechanised welding processes, so this subject is covered in the Welder Guide Book. Grinding is also discussed.

Towards the back of the book is an invaluable section on troubleshooting. This identifies process faults and likely causes, thereby helping welders to optimise the process as quickly and efficiently as possible.

To request a copy of ESAB's Welder Guide Book or information about all-positional rutile flux-cored wires, call ESAB Publicity on +44 (0)800 3893152 or email .

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