Maintenance of pressure regulators and flashback arrestors

10 August 2010

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Maintenance of pressure regulators and flashback arrestorsMurex Welding Products is reminding users of pressure regulators and flashback arrestors that these devices contain elastomeric components that deteriorate and can cause the units to fail in service. Pressure regulators used in 'low wear' situations - such as educational establishments, laboratories and similar applications - are particularly prone to failure. Indeed, a number of very serious incidents have occurred, as the result of an elastomeric component failure is often a large discharge of gas from the over-pressure relief valve.

The consequences of such releases can be atmospheric enrichment or depletion, leading to fires or asphyxiation. They can also lead to a variety of other unsafe conditions.

In response to the need for industry safety, the British Compressed Gases Association recommended in its Code of Practice 7 that pressure regulators and flashback arrestors be replaced or refurbished after five years in service or on the manufacturer's recommendation. This excellent recommendation has been widely adopted by industry.

All Murex Saffire regulators and flashback arrestors now have the benefit of two permanently marked codes. The manufacturing date, typically D4EA plus an additional Inspection/Replacement code, typically 2010. This dual system gives the essential age information required by users.

For further information about maintenance and replacement of pressure regulators and flashback arrestors, contact Murex Welding Products by calling freephone +44 (0)800 3893152 or email .

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