World Bearing Association launches anti-counterfeiting campaign

17 November 2010

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World Bearing Association launches anti-counterfeiting campaignProduct counterfeiting has grown substantially across the globe over the last 20 years. While much has been reported about consumers being taken advantage of by counterfeits within the music, film, home electronics and designer clothing industries, a far greater risk lies in industrial counterfeiting of items such as tyres, seals and bearings, many of which are safety-critical products. As a result, the World Bearing Association (WBA) has launched an campaign to raise awareness about potential safety hazards that arise from counterfeit bearings.

The WBA anti-counterfeiting information campaign will reach out to various audiences via emails, website banners, social media and the campaign site itself, Here, interested consumers can learn more about threats imposed by illegal counterfeiting and what is being done to stop it.

For many years the Schaeffler Group has successfully been fighting counterfeiting. Dr Juergen M Geissinger, President and CEO of Schaeffler Group, states: "We are seeking close contact with public authorities and we are co-operating closely with associations and other industrial companies in order to draw public attention to this issue time and time again. In doing so, we strictly adhere to a consistent zero-tolerance strategy. This means that we examine and pursue each and every case, also seemingly petty offences – worldwide!"

Counterfeiting also violates intellectual property, such as patents and trademarks. Because counterfeits look like and are marketed as genuine products, it normally takes a trained expert to identify them. The competent authorities and the manufacturer's brand concerned can also be contacted.

James W Griffith, WBA president and president and chief executive officer of the Timken Company, says: "Our initiative is aimed at sensitising the public on the dangers associated with counterfeits. The WBA is thus intensifying its anti-counterfeiting initiatives – that means information for customers on the one hand and consistent prosecution of offenders through the competent authorities on the other."

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