Free White Paper explains intelligent motor control centres

04 February 2011

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Free White Paper explains intelligent motor control centresA new Free White Paper from Rockwell Automation explains how advanced intelligent motor control centres (MCCs) provide process application users with critical information that ultimately helps minimise – and prevent – downtime.

Entitled Intelligent Motor Control Centers Lay the Foundation for Improvements in Manufacturing Efficiency and Reliability, the White Paper outlines industry drivers and the evolution of MCCs, including technology considerations, configuration methods and networking advantages, as well as the benefits gained from real-world application examples. The paper describes the technology behind these capabilities, including advanced monitoring and sensing devices, and built-in network connectivity that allows access to process data from virtually every corner of the plant.

Distinguishing itself from a standard unit, the intelligent MCC integrates three major system components: communications, hardware and software. While early versions of MCCs with communication networks contained variations of these elements, today's intelligent MCCs leverage a harmonised design that deliberately integrates these elements into a unified product.

Furthermore, with a lower installation cost than traditional MCCs, plus the protective, monitoring and troubleshooting advantages, integrating intelligent MCCs presents a major opportunity for manufacturers to capture and use equipment and process data to improve productivity and maximise asset availability.

Paul Krause, the IntelliCENTER development manger at Rockwell Automation, comments: "When properly deployed, the intelligent MCC allows users to monitor and analyse operations from anywhere at any time. With access to more detailed information over longer periods of time, users can better predict potential problems and prevent equipment failures. This, in turn, decreases downtime and increases profit potential."

Follow this link for more information on motor control centres or follow this link to download a copy of the White Paper (publication reference reference MCC-WP001A-EN-P, 400kB PDF).

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