Power supply manufacturer wins three regional awards

11 April 2011

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TDK-Lambda UK has won three prestigious accolades at the 2011 North Devon Manufacturers Association (NDMA) Awards. The awards were in recognition of TDK-Lambda's achievements in three categories: Environmental Scheme of the Year, Innovation Idea and Best Team of the Yea.

The Environmental Scheme of the Year award was presented to TDK-Lambda in recognition of an initiative to return all polypropylene plastic shipping trays back to the supplier for reuse. The shipping trays can be used up to five times before being replaced. In the last 12 months, 16,000 trays were reused – resulting in a saving of approximately £15,000.

Commenting on the award, the judging panel of the NDMA Awards noted: "The people involved in coming up with this environmentally sound solution have shown real initiative by adopting a simple concept of reuse rather than recycle or dispose. This resulted in not only saving the company and supplier a lot of unnecessary cost, but also reduced the all-important carbon footprint."

Developing a Europe-wide, web-based Customer Service Tracking system in 2010 earned TDK-Lambda its second award, in the category of Innovation Idea. The judging panel commented on how TDK-Lambda recognised that its tracking process could be improved by implementing a common platform. Phil Scotcher, the General Manage of TDK-Lambda UK, says: "Customer feedback is very positive. The web-based system has reduced costs, while satisfying the needs of our customers."

The last award that TDK-Lambda secured was for Best Team of the Year. The NDMA judging panel commented: "The Human Resources team was set a challenge when the company's order books increased substantially. The team's task was to recruit sufficient numbers of employees and train them to the standard required within a relatively short time span."

Team members Lis Gillingham, Ann Morris, Gillian Barratt, Jane Worley and Sharon Bellerby successfully recruited and trained 105 new personnel in just 12 months. Scotcher adds: "Production output nearly doubled during this period of time, whilst maintaining our high quality standards. Our HR team has played a crucial role, enabling us to satisfy increased customer demand."

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