Free guide to MIG wires and TIG rods for aluminium welding

10 August 2011

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Free guide to MIG wires and TIG rods for aluminium welding ESAB has published a new guide to what is claimed to be be the most comprehensive range of MIG (Metal Inert Gas) wires and TIG (Tungsten Inert Gas) rods for aluminium welding. This 12-page, full-colour A4 booklet is entitled Aluminium welding quality and knowledge and is available as a PDF file or as a hard copy.

As one of the world's leading manufacturers of aluminium welding wire, ESAB provides not only an exceptionally broad range but also extremely high quality. The publication explains some of the steps that ESAB takes to ensure the quality of its aluminium welding consumables. For example, a unique shaving technology removes the wire's oxide skin and produces a smooth, clean surface, after which the wire is coated with a microscopically thin layer of a patented, hydrogen-free lubricant. Together, these procedures enhance feedability, aid the achievement of X-ray quality welds, and reduce fume. In addition, precise control over the spool cast (diameter) and helix ensures that constant welding parameters are maintained not only from one end of the spool to the other, but also from batch to batch.

The high quality of ESAB's aluminium welding consumables not only boosts productivity in high-volume applications such as shipbuilding, but also makes them suitable for porosity-sensitive processes such as laser beam welding and electron beam welding.

Pack choice

Most of ESAB's aluminium wires are available in Marathon Pac bulk drums to increase productivity; compared with the frequent changes needed when using 7kg spools, the 141kg Jumbo, 80kg Midi and 25kg Micro Marathon Pacs enable production to continue uninterrupted for considerably longer - while also reducing the labour requirement for wire changes. Indeed, the new brochure includes a table that illustrates the substantial cost savings that can be realised by using Marathon Pacs.

A further table shows the OK Autrod MIG wires and OK Tigrod TIG rods with their various approvals, and another helps readers to select the optimum wire or rod to suit different base alloys.

Additional information in the booklet covers accessories for Marathon Pacs, and equipment for maintaining contact tips and feed rollers in order to avoid problems relating to burnback or feeding.

For a copy of the free guide to MIG wires and TIG rods for aluminium welding, or for information about specific products, call ESAB Publicity on +44 (0)800 3893152 or email .

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