Paper industry conference to focus on health and safety

22 September 2011

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Paper industry conference to focus on health and safetyPilz Automation Technology is sponsoring the Confederation of Paper Industries (CPI) Biennial Health and Safety Conference, which takes place at the St Johns Hotel, Solihull, on 8 November 2011. Pilz will also exhibit its range of safety products, systems and services for the paper industry.

The focus of the Pilz exhibition will be Machinery Safety Product Solutions and Services for the paper industry, including current and new safety systems for hand-fed platen presses, and the City & Guilds Machinery Safety Course that has recently been accredited by the National Skills Academy for Materials, Production & Supply for delivery to the paper industry.

An important aspect of the CPI Conference will be the official launch by David Gartside of the HSE of the 2012–2014 PABIAC Strategy Being the Difference Together. Delegates will also benefit from sessions that include a heartfelt and moving account by Jennifer Deeney, whose story provides a stark reminder of why health and safety at work is of paramount importance, through to Kevin Bridges, a Partner at Pinsent Masons LLP, who acted as defence lawyers for the first company to be convicted under the Corporate Manslaughter and Corporate Homicide Act 2007. The event is aimed at CEOs, operational managers and supervisors, health and safety practitioners, and safety representatives working in the paper industry. Follow the link to see the full conference programme.

Pilz machinery safety specialists will be on hand at the conference to discuss issues, products and systems specific to the paper industry.

Hand-fed platen presses

A current 'hot topic' in the paper industry is the safety of hand-fed platen presses. Pilz has developed and installed a range of products and systems to suit the varying needs of those wishing to retrofit a safety system on top of an existing control system, and those wishing to completely upgrade the platen control system; these include an add-on system based upon the PNOZmulti configurable safety relay with light beams (see photos above and right) and upgraded interlocking systems to complement the existing machine controls, through to a PSS4000 PLC system with light beams, improved interlocking and HMI to provide complete, all-in-one machine control system with full PUWER compliance.

In both cases Pilz claims: "The solution is unique in that it provides dynamic monitoring between the jaws of the platen during operation using sequentially muted single-beam safety sensors, which provides protection not only to operators but also to personnel during during maintenance and setting of the dies – unlike laser scanner solutions available, with the Pilz solution it is impossible to restart the platen if a person is working or even sat between inside the jaws (an action which is commonly necessary to clean or set the dies, especially on larger machines). Lastly, the Pilz single beam safety sensors can be fitted below the machine, reducing the need for obstructive physical guarding."

For more information about Pilz safety products, systems and services for the paper industry, contact Pilz by emailing .

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