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28 September 2011

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As a preferred systems integrator for Baldor Motion, Heason Technology's in-house design and assembly capability benefits from the versatile Baldor e100 intelligent servomotor drive and controller range, which continues to expand with additional communication and application development features.

The e100 family includes the MicroFlex e100 and MotiFlex intelligent single-axis drives, as well as the NextMove e100 multi-axis motion and machine controller. At the heart of these motion products the real-time Ethernet Powerlink standard combines with TCP/IP and Baldor's Mint system building environment to provide a universal drive platform that can suit a wealth of applications from standalone motion control to PLC-hosted networked systems.

Baldor recently announcement that it has added even greater flexibility by re-engineering the e100 range with full compatibility with another two Ethernet standards, namely EtherNet/IP and Modbus TCP. These design improvements do not require additional cost or plug-in cards and significantly widen the potential for integrating Baldor's motion products into large-scale PLC-controlled networked systems.

Baldor has also added a new single-axis version of its Mint software to its e100 intelligent drive range. Called Mint Lite, it offers all of the multitasking language power of Mint for complete control of the drive, on-board I/O, communications and Ethernet networking features. Mint Lite is a free enhancement that is said to make system commissioning even simpler for multiple serial drives where a single point of access via Ethernet is required. Contact Heason Technology for more information about Baldor's motion control products.

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