Free guide to stainless steel welding consumables

29 February 2012

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Free guide to stainless steel welding consumablesESAB is offering a free guide to its range of stainless steel welding consumables. This full-colour A4 document contains a wealth of information that will be useful for design engineers, welding engineers, production engineers and quality assurance personnel. The brochure provides background information about the broad spectrum of alloys classed as stainless steels, advice on the selection of appropriate consumables, and information about the products available.

With 80 years of experience in manufacturing stainless steel welding consumables, ESAB has gained a reputation for its knowledge and expertise in this specialist field. The company’s range of welding consumables cover all types of stainless steel - ferritic, austenitic, duplex, superduplex, heat-resistant and super austenitic.

ESAB's scope of supply includes solid MIG and flux-cored wires, 'stick' electrodes for manual metal arc (MMA) welding, Tig rods, wire for submerged arc welding (SAW) and cladding strip. In addition, the company has developed a series of SAW fluxes. For high-throughput applications, typically where robotic welding is employed, ESAB offers a choice of stainless steel welding wires in 100kg and 250kg Marathon Pac bulk drums.

As well as conventional stainless steel welding wires, ESAB offers Shield-Bright tubular flux-cored wires that feature a fast-freezing slag for high-deposition positional welding. In contrast, the Shield-Bright X-tra wires have a slow-freezing fluid slag that enables high travel speeds to be achieved when performing downhand and horizontal-vertical fillet welding.

For a copy of the new guide to stainless steel welding consumables, call ESAB Publicity on +44 (0)800 389 3132 or email .

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