ESAB poster helps to overcome welding problems and defects

13 December 2011

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ESAB poster helps to overcome welding problems and defectsESAB is offering a free full-colour poster, entitled Welding problems and defects - causes and remedies, for use in workshops, quality assurance departments, training facilities and educational establishments.

This poster presents 12 different welding problems and defects, ranging from spatter and deformation to crater cracks and slag inclusions. Each is illustrated with a clear diagram and the potential causes are listed. Alongside the causes are one or more remedies that can be applied to improve the weld.

For example, the potential causes of spatter are listed as: welding current too high; arc too long; incorrect polarity – arc blow; and insufficient gas shielding. Suggested remedies for these are: reduce welding current; reduce arc length; check use of correct polarity for the consumable in question; check shielding gas type and flow rate; clean gas nozzle; and increase torch-to-plate angle.

Printed on high-quality paper with a varnished, wipe-clean finish, the poster will be a useful and colourful addition to working and educational environments alike.

To request a copy of the free welding poster, call ESAB Publicity on 0800 389 3152 or email . For further information, go to the website at

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