World champion artist blacksmith wins ESAB Caddy Mig

30 November 2011

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World champion artist blacksmith wins ESAB Caddy MigESAB is pleased to announce that Ian Moran has won a Caddy Mig C200i portable Mig welding machine. Ian Moran entered a draw for the Caddy Mig when the ESAB Demobus mobile demonstration unit visited Engineering & Welding Supplies in the West Midlands during June 2011.

The Caddy Mig C200i is a compact, lightweight welding machine capable of delivering 180A/23V at a 20 per cent duty cycle. It is designed to be simple to use for both professional and occasional welders, with just a simple rotary knob to control the heat input to the weld.

An advantage offered by this inverter power source is ESAB's QSet automatic setting technology; once the material type and thickness have been entered via the operator interface, the user simply performs a five-second test weld so the QSet system can optimise the short arc welding parameters. During welding, the QSet system automatically maintains a constant arc, independent of the stick out, to ensure consistent quality and ease of use. The Caddy Mig C200i also features an integral wire feeder that accepts 5kg spools of solid or cored wire of diameter 0.8 or 1.0mm.

Ian Moran explains what he liked about the Caddy Mig when he tried it at Engineering & Welding Supplies: "It was very easy to use, with its single control knob and automatic settings that deliver great performance despite the machine's small size and seemingly basic user interface."

Describing himself as an Artist Blacksmith, Ian Moran has a forge in Birmingham where he fabricates sculptures, bespoke gates, balustrading and a wide variety of aesthetic and functional structures. Recent projects have included the Sandwell Foghorn, a stainless steel daisy chain sculpture, street furniture for South Staffordshire Council, and a gateway for a new cemetery in Wombourne. Furthermore, in September 2011 Ian and two colleagues won first prize at the biennial World Forging Championships held in Stia, Italy.

Although there is other welding equipment in his workshop, Ian Moran has found himself using the Caddy Mig for most tasks. He explains why: "I made a simple jig to suspend the Caddy Mig above the workbench, so it can easily be positioned exactly where I need it, with no sharp bends in the cable to the torch – or I can take it off the jig and put it anywhere else in the workshop. It has coped admirably with everything I have asked of it so far, and I particularly like the way the wire spools can be changed quickly and easily. I expect to be taking it on site in the future, so being able to weld gasless with cored wires will also be very helpful. The Caddy Mig is a really impressive welder and I would recommend it to anyone."

Versatile equipment

The Caddy Mig is very versatile so, in order to explore further the machine's capabilities, Ian Moran says he plans to buy some aluminium, stainless steel and Mig brazing wire from Engineering & Welding Supplies. Speaking about this company, Ian Moran comments: "I get a wide variety of my supplies here, from electrodes, wire and gas, to gloves and cutting discs. Not only are the staff very approachable, but they are also knowledgeable – which is becoming less commonplace these days."

In conclusion, Ian Moran says: "I'd like to thank ESAB for the Caddy Mig, as it has turned out to be a superb addition to my workshop. I shall definitely visit the Demobus when it is next on tour, not to win more equipment but because it is a great opportunity to see the latest developments in welding and to talk to some of the best welding experts."

More information about the ESAB Caddy Mig C200i is available from ESAB Publicity on 0800 3893152 or email . For further information about ESAB products, visit the website at

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