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30 March 2012

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RA Rodriguez is UK distributor for Synchrony magnetic bearingsSynchrony Inc. is a developer and supplier for NovaGlide active magnetic bearings, NovaDrive high-speed motors and NovaGen high-speed generators, improving the performance, reliability, and environmental friendliness of rotating machinery. There is a clear parity between US-based Synchrony Inc. and RA Rodriguez in the UK: both serve similar markets - Aerospace and Defence, Renewable and Recoverable Energy, Oil & Gas, Wastewater, and HVAC. The Letchworth-based company has just been appointed as distributor of highly engineered premium brands to serve UK customers.

Synchrony has played a major role in advancing magnetic bearing technology. Increased stability, miniaturisation and simplification have led to its products being used in a variety of high-performance motors, generators, blowers and turbo-machines. Synchrony’s magnetic bearings are a cost-effective alternative to oil-lubricated alternatives.

The elimination of an oil lubrication system alone can make a Synchrony magnetic bearing a good choice from a cost point of view. Vibration and position-monitoring capabilities of the bearing can also remove the need for expensive vibration-monitoring equipment. And there are large operating cost advantages to be gained resulting from the elimination of frictional losses, reduced maintenance and improved machine reliability.

Peter Williamson, MD of RA Rodriguez, says: “Active magnetic bearings are often considered to be complicated to apply. But this misconception is causing many designers to miss out on the significant design and operational benefits that this type of bearing can provide. The bearing control system is indeed sophisticated, but it is virtually invisible to the user, much in the same way as a mobile phone is complex in design but easy to use.”

Two innovative product ranges are central to the Synchrony magnetic bearing programme now available from RA Rodriguez. The first is Fusion, whose controls are built in to the magnetic bearing housing itself, considerably reducing the complexity and size of the bearing by comparison with traditional products of this type. And for applications that require external controls, the NovaGlide magnetic bearings are also stocked. This design also brings design flexibility, as its controls are so small and simple they can be mounted either on or near the machine.

Highly skilled sales force and distribution network

Patrick Mazzariol, Director of International Sales of Dresser-Rand’s Synchrony Business Unit, says: “RA Rodriguez helps confirm Synchrony’s commitment as a global supplier of magnetic bearings and high-speed motors & generators. It offers a highly skilled sales force and distribution network that provides customers with a complete partnering solution – from concept through delivery. We feel our product offering will further enhance the company’s portfolio of bearings and help to fulfil RA Rodriguez’s goals in providing world-class support for its partners and customers. The Synchrony acquisition by Dresser-Rand [supplier of rotating equipment products and services] will further enable Synchrony to quickly identify and exploit new opportunities for improving rotating equipment.”

For further information about the range of Synchrony products available from RA Rodriguez, including Fusion and NovaGlide magnetic bearings visit the website at

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