First functional safety app from Phoenix Contact

17 July 2012

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First functional safety app from Phoenix Contact A new safety app, developed by certified safety experts with Phoenix Contact, is now available in English at no charge in the iTunes-Store under the “Safety Services” search term.

As the first app on this subject, it is a helpful tool for machinery construction OEMs and users of the Machinery Directive (MRL) as well as DIN EN ISO 13849-1. Using this app, users interactively learn about the individual topics and gain an understanding of the various interrelationships. In addition to the latest information from the world of functional safety, this app provides the following functions:

  • To evaluate the machine, a checklist is used to determine whether the most important requirements of the Machinery Directive are complied with. As a consequence, uncertainties can be identified. An overview of the criteria to be fulfilled and the open points can be used as PDF for ongoing processing
  • As an example, the required Performance Level is determined based on the risk graphs for safety functions according to DIN EN ISO 13849-1
  • As an example, the MTTFd value is determined - which is the time up to hazardous failure of the safety parts of a control according to DIN EN 133849-1

Follow the link for the new functional safety app, and visit the Phoenix website at

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