Free RF & Microwave Design and Test Symposium 2012

04 September 2012

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The RF & Microwave Design and Test Symposium, hosted by National Instruments and AWR, is a free full-day seminar designed to update engineers, researchers and technicians on the technological advances in the design and test of microwave and RF systems. The rate of change in this domain has increased phenomenally in recent years, and it is critical for professionals involved this field to stay ahead of the latest technologies and techniques.

Covering a wide range of topics, from wireless communications to aerospace and defence applications, the symposium begins with a keynote featuring a glimpse into AWR and NI’s vision of linking microwave and RF design and test, before offering a choice of two tracks, one focused on design, the other on test and measurement, to correspond with delegates’ specific interests and expertise. Throughout the day, delegates can learn how to implement phase-coherent MIMO systems, configure record and playback systems, and introduce real measurements alongside simulation in the design process.

The design track, hosted by AWR, features topics including antenna design; 3D EM simulation; RF link prediction and power amplifier simulation; whilst the test and measurement track, hosted by NI, focuses on best practices in time and frequency-domain measurements; MIMO; spectral monitoring; radar; 802.11ac and LTE Advanced. Amongst the technologies presented will be the world’s first Vector Signal Transceiver, which combines a vector signal analyser and generator with open-source, FPGA-based firmware for real-time signal processing and control. Some locations also feature customer presentations, for instance, ST Ericsson will present in Paris on validation bench testing for cellular standards.

Locations and dates for the RF & Microwave Design and Test Symposium:

  • Hitchin, UK 11th September
  • Newbury, UK 13th September
  • Paris, France 27th November
  • Rennes, France 29th November

For more details about the RF & Microwave Design and Test Symposium, including the full agenda and how to register, please go to, or

NI will also participate in the AWR Design Forum being held across Europe. More details at

National Instruments Corporation (UK) Ltdvisit website
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