New catalogue for sub-miniature ceramic servo motors and drives

13 September 2012

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A new 20-page catalogue, featuring Nanomotion’s ceramic servo motors, piezo sub-systems and drives for miniaturised focus/zoom, shutter/filter and pan/tilt control is available from Heason Technology. Available as a PDF or in print, the catalogue covers linear and rotary ceramic motors with associated ASIC-based drives and control electronics for use where very compact size, silent operation, non-magnetic properties and low EMI / RFI levels are essential characteristics for nanometre-precision servo control.

The catalogue features Nanomotion’s miniature EM1-S-O “Edge” ceramic motor, which is described as the smallest industrial direct-drive motor of its kind and is easily integrated into space-restricted mechatronics assemblies. With a dynamic stall force of 0.3N, the motor has wide dynamic velocity range with the ability to operate at speeds up to 250mm per second in seamless increments of tens of nanometres with zero backlash. The Edge motor can be mounted directly into the customer’s own bearing and encoder-based closed-loop servo feedback system to provide a smooth and accurate linear or rotary motion, either individually or in synchronised groups to assist increased dynamic performance.

Nanomotion also offer the edge motor as a packaged sub assembly, as demonstrated in the new catalogue by the S787 NUC (Non Uniformity Correction) Shutter which is used extensively for infrared thermal imaging but may be applied to other photonic applications across research and industry. Its tiny leaf shutter is capable of moving 15mm in 100 milliseconds and is typically supplied with an ASIC drive that closes the position loop and serves as a complete drive and control system.

Other motor products covered in the new catalogue include the ER-15-4 Rotary Piezo Motor, which offers the many advantages of nanomotion’s piezo technology, applied in a traditional cylindrical motor housing. Utilising a piezo drive inside the motor, the motor enables precise and smooth direct rotary drive operation with zero backlash, and its gearless design benefits from the inherent ability for holding and braking without power consumption. The ER15 series can be supplied with the S775 XCD closed-loop drive and control module, either a as a small board or chip level-based controller for integration into other electronics.

The catalogue includes a range of ASIC and board-based drives as well as a separate ASIC component that may be easily integrated into the customer’s electronics. Heason Technology is on hand to advise end user and OEM applications across the full range of Nanomotion miniature ceramic servo motors and drives. To find out more, visit

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