New OK AristoRod Welder Guide Book available now

20 September 2012

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New OK AristoRod Welder Guide Book available nowESAB has published a new OK AristoRod 16-page Welder Guide Book that contains information on the features and benefits of this family of non-copper-coated MAG wires. For higher productivity, reduced downtime and a cleaner working environment, the OK AristoRod ranges of non and low-alloyed grades for mild, creep-resistant, weather-resistant and high-strength steel welding applications are detailed.

The publication discusses the Advanced Surface Characteristics of OK AristoRod – these are advantageous for manual, mechanised and robotic welding. Together they result in increased productivity and lower welding costs, giving the welder higher performance levels and efficiency whether undertaking manual, mechanised or robotic MAG welding.

ESAB’s new guide provides information on the key steps that need to be followed before using OK AristoRod. It discusses how to set optimum welding parameters, the importance of contact tip and gas nozzle maintenance as well as the use of Aristotip contact tips. Information on the Swift Arc Transfer high-productivity MAG process is also included together with the use of OK AristoRod with adaptor-free spools or Marathon Pac bulk drums.

Copies of the Welder Guide Book are available by calling ESAB on 0800 389 3152 and there is also a new microsite at with videos and everything you need to know about OK AristoRod.

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