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18 October 2012

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WEG is to sponsor this year’s Motor Driven Systems conference (8 November, St Johns Hotel, Solihull) as well as provide one of its speakers. A major theme for the event is applying technology and a systems engineering approach to help reduce energy consumption. The aim is to demonstrate how energy efficiency is both financially beneficial and vital for competitiveness.

One of the speakers at the conference is to be Sebastião Lauro Nau, who co-ordinates many research and innovation projects for WEG, with topics including LV motors, PM motors, high-speed motors, electronic commutation and switched reluctance. He also teaches innovation management to electrical engineering students at the University of Jaraguá do Sul, Brazil.

This year’s Motor Driven Systems conference brings together two of the most important issues concerning industry today, Economics and Energy. With the rising cost of energy and the introduction of the EcoDesign Directive, organisations need to ensure they have energy management strategies that can deliver real savings on their operational costs. Industrial motors collectively consume most of the electricity used in industry, and in many cases there is significant wastage. However, control and automation can be used to optimise consumption, simultaneously cutting running costs and reducing carbon emission.

Delegates to the conference will include business leaders, energy managers, machine builders, consultants and engineers from many different industries.

The first two speakers will be Laurence Smith from DEFRA, who will outline the UK Government’s position on motor efficiency, and Marcos González from the Energy Efficiency Unit at the Directorate General for Energy (European Commission).

Subsequent speakers will look at the holistic or systems engineering approach to achieving energy efficiency. The conference will also cover related subjects such as standardisation, installation and the changing nature of the global market. There will be presentations on applications such as motor driven pumps, refrigeration and compressed air systems where efficiency initiatives can produce significant results.

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