CC-Link highlights industry solutions with key European partners

20 December 2012

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CC-Link highlights industry solutions with key European partnersIn addition to developing the non-stop open network CC-Link, the CLPA is now undertaking a joint campaign with three well-known European partners to highlight CC-Link for key industries.

The campaign features three full-page advertisements which focus on the approaches used by three of Europe’s leading device makers for the industries concerned and how these work with CC-Link. Firstly, sensor maker Balluff’s RFID systems are featured, showing how they offer traceability systems for the food and beverage sector. This is joined by the ad which explains how ID system leader Datalogic has improved automated packaging for consumer packaged goods with automated scanners. The hygienic load cells for aseptic filling and weighing applications by HBM are the feature of the final ad.

John Browett, General Manager of CLPA Europe, explains: “All of these solutions have CC-Link at their heart. CC-Link is a high-performance open industrial automation network technology that allows devices from numerous manufacturers to communicate as part of the same network.”

Browett explains that the programme has multiple objectives: “Firstly, of course one of the main aims of the CLPA is to promote the solutions of its partners. But there are some additional aims. Secondly, we want to show the European market that CC-Link has solutions for its key industries. Thirdly, we want to show the breadth of CC-Link. Currently over 250 companies offer CC-Link devices and we are constantly working with leading companies across Europe to increase this number.”

The campaign will run in well-known industry publications across Europe through to Spring 2013. True to the CLPA’s aim to target local markets, the advertisements will run in English, German and Italian versions. The SPS/IPC/Drives 2012 fair will also see the CLPA’s booth feature the campaign, thereby creating additional exposure for the partners involved.

Browett says: “Although CC-Link began in Asia, this campaign is further evidence of our very serious intention to continue building our presence in the European market. It represents a significant investment on our behalf into promoting the solutions of our partners, which is justified by the increasing demand from the European market. The CLPA is committed to further development of its partner base in here, and we hope to feature the solutions of additional partners in future.”

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CC-Link Partner Association - Europe (CLPA)visit website
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