Aerco’s commitment to AB05 connectors reduces prices

08 January 2013

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Aerco, an assembling distributor for the AB05 range of connectors from AB Connectors, is increasing its commitment to the product range with increased stock levels that ensures that prices to customers are reduced by as much as 30 per cent.

AB05 connectors are widely used as an economic, lightweight option for demanding military, industrial and commercial applications ranging from standard junction boxes to complex radio, power and communication systems and factory and plant automation systems.

The British Standard version offered by Aerco has a number of additional design advantages over the MIL-DTL-26482 Series 1 connector. Serrations at the rear of the connector shell improve grounding and backshell location, additional polarisation using keyways rather than insert rotations avoid damage to contacts in the event of incorrect mating and a plug can be fitted with grounding fingers for improved RFI shielding. There is also an optional course-ribbed coupling nut available to ease operator handling. The connectors feature a 3-pin layout with either standard bayonet coupling or ‘push-pull’ connection in shell sizes 10 and 12 for quick release applications.

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