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11 March 2013

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Online guide to the mounting of rolling bearings from SchaefflerSchaeffler is launching the Schaeffler Mounting Toolbox, an online, interactive information guide on how to correctly install rolling bearings and the tools required to do this.

The correct mounting and dismounting of rolling element bearings can save time and increase the life of bearings, as well as maximising the availability of critical plant and machinery by avoiding costly breakdowns. The key is to ensure that the appropriate tools and equipment for the mounting and dismounting of rolling bearings are on hand for the engineer at the installation or assembly stage.

Appropriate tools may include thermal mounting and dismounting tools (i.e. heating plates), induction-heating devices, mounting paste and heating rings, as well as feeler gauges, hydraulic extractors, hydraulic nuts and hand pump sets. Using the correct tools ensures that bearings are mounted and removed easily and quickly without causing damage to the bearings or surrounding equipment and in a safe and reliable way.

The new Schaeffler Mounting Toolbox is a web-based information guide on how to professionally install rolling bearings. As well as learning about which tools and fitting aids are required to install rolling bearings, users can also view short educational videos that demonstrate how these tools should be used in practise.

On entering the website, users are presented with a ‘Virtual Plant’ home screen, which serves as the main user interface, allowing easy, fast navigation around the website and easy access to the information provided. The objective is to make users feel that they are actually in a factory, looking over the shoulder of a Schaeffler professionally qualified mounting service technician, who is demonstrating how to correctly mount the bearings.

The website provides details of mounting tools and accessories, and demonstrates the benefits of correctly mounted rolling bearings, which include longer operating life for the bearing, reduced unplanned downtime, and higher machine availability. Moreover, correct alignment and lubrication can achieve improved energy efficiency of machines and equipment.

The Virtual Plant comprises three pillars that represent the main topics of the Mounting Toolbox: ‘mounting/dismounting’, ‘alignment’, and ‘lubrication’. On each of these pillars, sub-categories are displayed as drawers in the pillars and can be opened with a simple click of the mouse. These drawers contain the appropriate tools and fitting aids that are shown in the demonstration videos. The user is also given an insight into the different mounting methods, as well as general safety guidelines and preparations.

Videos show mounting experts in action

To view the videos and get an insight into professional mounting techniques, users simply click on the camera symbol on the relevant pillar. The pillars then disappear and five machines will appear in their place. By clicking on one of the machines, the user can zoom in on it and view the rolling bearings it contains. The experts then demonstrate how these bearings should be fitted and dismantled in short video film sequences.

Internet access is all that users require to access the Virtual Plant and to learn more about rolling bearing mounting. The sub-categories are displayed on the pillars, drawers and machines in order to present a clear structure to users. An additional navigation option provides a quick overview of all topics at a glance. The Mounting Toolbox is currently available in four languages: German, English, Russian and Spanish.

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