Data Acquisition Technology Outlook 2013 covers industry trends

12 March 2013

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Data Acquisition Technology Outlook 2013 covers industry trendsNational Instruments is releasing the Data Acquisition Technology Outlook 2013, which provides an overview of the company's research into key technologies and methodologies that are impacting the data acquisition industry.

The Data Acquisition Technology Outlook discusses the following trends:

  • Big Analogue Data and Data Acquisition: Engineers and scientists collect vast amounts of high-velocity analogue data every second of every day. Drawing accurate and meaningful conclusions is a growing problem and requires specific Big Analogue Data tools and technologies. See what this means for the data acquisition market
  • Moore's Law at Work in Data Logging: As the digital world in which we live becomes increasingly complex, we are demanding more from the systems that monitor the physical and electrical world. Learn about the data acquisition systems and processors of today, the applications that are pushing the limits of data-logging systems, and the architecture of next-generation data acquisition systems
  • Emerging Bus Technologies: As the computer has evolved, so have bus technologies for connecting peripheral devices. Get an overview of the next generation of bus technologies such as USB 3.0, Thunderbolt, 802.11ac, Wi-Fi Direct, Bluetooth SMART and LTE, and learn how they may affect data acquisition in the future
  • Mobile Technology's Influence on Data Acquisition: Advances in mobile technology are quickly influencing test and measurement solutions. Even though the technology is still young, engineers and scientists are evolving their skill sets to keep pace. Learn about the ongoing mobile OS battle, how Windows 8 tablets are changing the game and why security is critical to the success of your mobile applications.

NI's strong relationships with technology providers such as Amazon Web Services, Analog Devices, Intel, Microsoft and Texas Instruments enable the company to form strategic partnerships and identify larger trends and best practices. The Data Acquisition Technology Outlook highlights some of the most pressing trends and opportunities engineers and scientists face today to help them take advantage of the latest strategies for acquiring, analysing and managing data.

Dr James Truchard, President, CEO and Cofounder at National Instruments, says: "For over a quarter of a century, NI has been working to improve the productivity of data acquisition applications with a combination of integrated hardware and software. Our software-based approach allows us to benefit from the ever-increasing performance of Moore's law in A/D and processor technology."

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National Instruments Corporation (UK) Ltdvisit website
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