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13 March 2013

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New content for Murex Gas Inspectors’ CoursesThe Murex Gas Inspectors’ Courses for 2013 are proving very popular but there is still time to register for this year. Running since 1980, the Murex/City and Guilds Accredited Gas Inspectors courses have always focused on the safety aspects of using oxy-fuel welding gases. Whilst this is still the main content, many different aspects of industrial gas safety have been added for 2013, including tuition on non-welding gases.

This new content is already proving very popular as it allows anyone involved with industrial gases, regardless of gas type, to be safety trained on a course that leads to the internationally recognised City & Guilds qualification.

Tuition is given in a number of dedicated sessions, with the new What’s New in Industry module highlighting changes to National Standards as well as legislative matters. A number of Standards have now been updated and these are covered. Detailed study of the Dangerous Substances and Explosive Atmosphere Regulations (DSEAR) is also provided to identify areas of particular importance to oxy-fuel gas users.

Two technical sessions that have been expanded to cover a number of topics including new cylinder valves and the increasing use of New Cylinder Valve Outlet Connections (NEVOC) on pressure regulators. The increased sale of unfitted hoses has created the need for Accredited Gas Inspectors to know how these should be professionally and safely fitted. Part of this session includes practical hands-on instruction on hose fitting.

Practical fault finding and a case study session are also included. The safety session clarifies the procedures for dealing with acetylene cylinders involved in fires. The instruction includes the procedures that are followed by the Fire & Rescue Services. In this session a comprehensive study of safety devices, notably flashback arrestors and their testing is undertaken. The course concludes with question and answers.

The Murex Gas Safety courses continue to be led by David Fell, one of the UK’s prominent authorities on industrial gas processes. For more information, or to book a place on a course, email , or visit the website at

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