Five top tips for designing safe machines

15 April 2013

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Five top tips for designing safe machinesPhoenix Contact has published a useful article on its website, Top five tips for making your machine or system safe, written by Mark Harries, the company's business development manager for I/O and networks.

In essence, the tips are:

  1. Risk assessment
  2. Which standard do I apply?
  3. How do I know I have achieved the required performance level?
  4. How can I be sure that I am using the best products for my application?
  5. I want to transmit safety signals wirelessly; surely this is not possible?

Each of these points is explained, and helpful advice provided. In addition, the article contains a number of links to other resources such as the Phoenix Contact interactive risk assessment guide app that can be run on iPads or iPhones, a page with detailed information about machine safety standards, the SISTEMA software tool for assessing machine designs to EN ISO 13849-1, and information about the Phoenix Contact SafetyBridge for wirelessly adding distributed safety I/O and integrating with standard non-safe PLCs of any make and with existing network cabling.

Follow the link to read the article about Top five tips for making your machine or system safe.

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