Energy reduction initiative saves money for manufactures

25 April 2013

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Energy reduction initiative saves money for manufacturesWEG is launching a new energy reduction initiative to help manufacturers optimise the energy efficiency of existing equipment throughout their plants and processes. The free assessment reviews equipment and outlines a number of steps that could be taken to reduce energy use and increase equipment efficiency and reliability, leading to smaller energy bills, a reduced carbon footprint and a reduced total cost of ownership.

In partnership with Sulzer, WEG is educating UK customers in selecting suitable plant equipment with energy-saving potential, and giving objective, professional advice on improving productivity while reducing energy consumption and costs.

Experts assess existing equipment and can install equipment on-site to monitor and demonstrate existing energy usage. Then a variable speed drive (VSD) can be fitted, enabling energy savings to be proven and payback periods to be calculated, together with on-going operational savings and total cost of ownership.

The free energy assessment is a simple process and enables the end user to trial equipment before purchase. It is suitable for all plant equipment, including pumps, compressors, fans and conveyor belts.

Daniel Griffiths, WEG's product specialist for automation, comments: "Today there is greater pressure than ever on organisations to minimise their carbon footprint and reduce their costs, and at WEG we are committed to increasing energy efficiency, offering customers valuable choices on how they can best enhance their bottom line. Our energy efficient technologies like the W22 electric motors and our CFW inverter drives can play a real role in helping them to do both. Our products are always designed to increase energy efficiency, reduce noise and temperature levels, reduce size and increase reliability."

Motors are responsible for generating over 40 per cent of total global energy consumption. Selecting motors that have been designed with energy efficiency as a priority, such as the WEG W22 Super Premium motor that exceeds the yet-to-be-implemented IE4 regulations, will enable manufacturers to make significant energy savings, reduce operational costs and increase productivity.

WEG is one of very few companies in the global market that designs, manufactures and tests both motors and inverter drives (variable-speed drives) and, as a result, can help customers to specify the most suitable and energy-efficient drive package that meets the requirements, whether for low, medium or high-voltage applications.

To arrange an energy assessment visit or contact WEG on +44 (0)1527 513800.

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