Free workshop: electrical & functional safety explained

07 May 2013

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Free workshop: electrical & functional safety explainedAs part of Phoenix Contact’s increasing involvement in Machinery Safety and its growing product portfolio, they have teamed up with TUV SUD (Laidler Associates) and Mechan Controls to offer a FREE one-day workshop on Electrical and Functional Safety.

This one-day course is to introduce and give delegates an overview of the EN 60204-1 standard as well as Safety Concept ISO13849 and Safety Concept IEC 62061, incorporating EN ISO 14119 in order to understand the requirements and applications of electrical, electronic and programmable systems to ensure the electrical safety of machinery in industrial installations. It will give possible solutions to existing on-site problems with conformity to these standards. Through EN ISO 14119, it will identify non-compliances to the standard, showing actual machine examples and common misconceptions/assumptions of safety.

Course content:
  • CE marking and the EU directives applicable to machinery
  • Why we use standards and the different types of standards
  • Control device selection Electrical isolation, termination and wiring
  • Protection against electric shock
  • Control circuits, control devices, and control functions
  • Control gear location and mounting
  • Wiring practice
  • Equipment marking

Benefits of attending:

The course would suit anyone with some form of basic electrical knowledge, and it has been designed to give an introduction and simple overview of the key aspects of the EN 60204-1. This will allow anyone who is involved in panel design/build, or involved in electrical control systems, machinery refurbishment/upgrade, as well as industrial electrical systems installers to build or refurbish machinery control systems and panels to a level that meets the standards.

At the end of the course, delegates will:

  • Understand why the use of the standard is important for safety, and to assist in compliance
  • Understand the scope of electrical equipment to which the EN Standards apply
  • Be aware of the general and specific standard requirements
  • Learn the specific requirements of control functions, control devices, control gear etc. taking into account operator interface with the machine
  • Know the test and technical documentation requirements to verify that the machine or assembly of machines complies with the standard

The electrical & functional safety course will run at Phoenix Contact Ltd, Telford TF7 4PG, on 11 June 2013 9am–4pm. To book your place, please fill in the online form (places are limited).

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