Advanced welding and cutting at Schweissen & Schneiden 2013

08 July 2013

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Advanced welding and cutting at Schweissen & Schneiden 2013 ESAB Welding & Cutting Products will showcase a range of new and advanced products and processes for welding and cutting at SCHWEISSEN & SCHNEIDEN, September 16–21 2013 in Essen, Germany, Hall 1, Stand D103. ESAB’s show theme, At the core, positions the company as an industry leader whose technology has helped to create a vast range of products and processes used throughout the world in environments from the ocean floor to outer space.

Making its European debut at the show will be the all-new Warrior multi-process welding machine for GMAW (MIG/MAG), FCAW (Flux-Cored), SMAW (MMA), and GTAW (TIG) welding, as well as Arc Gouging. Warrior delivers up to 500 amps at 60 per cent duty cycle in a highly reliable, rugged package. This welding machine welds 0.8–1.6mm flux-cored and solid wires, has a full range of SMAW (MMA) capabilities with outstanding basic and cellulosic performance, and carbon arc gouges up to 10mm diameter.

Warrior makes inverter technology affordable for every welding application. Features such as mains compensation, parameter adjustment close to the operator and ESAB’s TrueArcVoltage for constant and true arc voltage all day long, considerably reduce power consumption compared with old technology SCR power sources. Warrior models 400 and 500 will be demonstrated.

Also unveiled at the show will be ESAB’s new Heliarc welding inverter for high-quality AC/DC GTAW (TIG) and SMAW (MMA) welding in all types of materials. Heliarc offers high energy efficiency, superior functionality and outstanding AC and DC SMAW (MMA) performance, including cellulosic (E-XX10, E-XX11) electrodes. AC pulsing up to 2Hz makes Heliarc 353i AC/DC suitable for welding thin aluminium material, which will be demonstrated.

ESAB will spotlight ICE technology, a Submerged Arc Welding (SAW) technology that increases productivity by up to 100 per cent without increasing heat input, making ICE the most productive and cost-efficient SAW option available. This elegantly simple, patent pending technology is the next step in SAW development based on ESAB’s Twin technology. Instead of adding energy, ICE exploits the excess heat from the Twin SAW process to melt an additional non-powered welding electrode. In addition to higher deposition rates, this results in a number of other benefits, including High Deposition Root for increased productivity in root welds, Flat Cap Control to reduce excess filler metal costs and post welding work, as well as reduced heat input, energy consumption, and flux consumption.

High-performance manipulators

The ICE process will be demonstrated on ESAB’s CaB 300 automated Column & Boom system, one of many high-performance manipulators in ESAB’s range of standard, modular and customised Column and Booms. CaB offers short set-up times and fast, exact manipulation of the welding head. Travel speeds are pre-programmable and the column is capable of +/-180 degree rotation supporting end boom loads up to 240kg.

ESAB’s new Aristo 1000 AC/DC inverter power source for Submerged Arc Welding applications will be used to power the system. The Aristo1000 AC/DC power source allows operators to switch from DC to AC welding on the fly, allowing an uninterrupted transition from root pass to filling runs. Bead Profile Modeling enables the operator to achieve the desired bead profile at the push of a button. The patent-pending cable-boost technology makes the Aristo capable of delivering full welding current capacity even in the most demanding environment – long welding cables are no longer a limitation. The low loss design makes the Aristo1000 AC/DC the best in its class when it comes to energy savings.

Aluminium welding will be demonstrated using two of ESAB’s Aristo Mig-based GMAW pulse products. The all-new Aristo Mig 4004i Pulse is an electronic controlled, slimmed down MIG/MAG/MMA/LiveTIG/Arc gouging inverter-based welding power source. Combined with Aristo Feed 3004 and U6 Aristo Mig 4004i Pulse, it is suitable for efficient production or prefabrication of high alloyed materials, delivering high-productivity, high-quality welding.

ESAB’s multi-process, high-end Aristo Mig 5000iw, providing DC-GTAW welding with HF start combined with Aristo Feed 3004 and the superior U82 control, will demonstrate how it can easily handle the most challenging welding applications. The U82 control offers the user more degrees of freedom, from numerous non-synergic settings to freely adjustable SuperPulse process combinations, allowing the Aristo system to perform exactly as the user intends. The U82 control transforms the Aristo Mig machine into a precision welding system.

The complete line of ESAB’s manual plasma cutting systems, PowerCut 400, 700, 900, 1300, and 1600, will be exhibited. PowerCut machines are designed with ESAB Plasmarc technology and are more powerful and durable than comparable systems. An electronically controlled pilot arc provides consistent starting and longer consumable life. Their rugged design features a durable, damage-resistant external housing, yet the units are lightweight and portable. PowerCut 400 and 700 offer the lowest cost per cut length of any machine in their class. PowerCut900, 1300 and 1600 models provide high operating voltages suitable for demanding mechanised cutting applications and include a number of high-performance features.

ESAB will emphasise its integrated approach to mechanised cutting systems with the heavy-duty CNC gantry cutting machine, SUPRAREX HD, demonstrating its versatility in cutting and marking operations. This innovative modular system provides the ultimate flexibility to work with plasma, oxy-fuel or both processes in combination, and can be equipped with tools for cutting, weld edge preparation and marking. It offers exceptional acceleration and deceleration values for top productivity.

ESAB’s new m³ 362 system will be featured on the cutting machine. The m³ 362 system combines the most advanced cutting components, including m³ gas control, PT-36 torch and EPP power supply, to deliver precision and flexibility to the cutting process.

High cutting accuracy

The new PLASMA VBA Global PRO (Variable Bevel Angle System) will be used to accurately plasma bevel cut plate on the SUPRAREX HD. The system is fully programmable to cut parts with both bevel and straight cuts, providing high cutting accuracy and bevelled edge quality across all operations. Its flexibility will be demonstrated cutting over a water table, cutting under water without changing parameters or consumables, as well as at a straight oxy-fuel station.

WRIST oxy will demonstrate 3D pipe cutting and weld edge preparation for multiple segment-specific joints for pipe up to 1100mm diameter with wall thickness up to 70mm.

The VISION T5 CNC control, an easy-to-use, wide-format touch-screen system, will be featured on the machine. Intuitively simple prompts guide the user from file selection to the cutting process. The Operating Wizard keeps training time to a minimum, making even new operators productive quickly. The ease and simplicity of the control will be further complemented by the use of ESAB’s Columbus III CAD/CAM programming software. The latest generation Columbus system handles simple to highly complex cuts, labelling and nesting jobs quickly and easily using standardised interfaces. New segment specific Pipe, Pipe Frames, Dome ends software will be demonstrated.

ESAB will pair its newest welding equipment with a variety of welding consumables. These consumables are designed to work in high- or low-temperature environments, high-humidity worksites, or the most challenging out-of-position projects and meet AWS and military codes and specifications.

ESAB’s new BlockPac moisture protection packaging for SAW flux welding consumables will be introduced at the show. The BlockPac packaging method, which packs dry welding flux in a block as opposed to a traditional bag, eliminates moisture absorption, stores well even under severe climate conditions, and requires no re-drying prior to use. It is suitable for hydrogen-sensitive applications, including offshore, pressure vessel fabrication, wind tower manufacturing, power generation and others. The bags have unlimited shelf life, require no special warehouse conditions, and are fully recyclable.

Also making its debut will be ESAB’s new next-generation Jumbo Marathon Pac. ESAB has worked closely with customers in high-volume applications to develop the patented GMAW bulk wire drum to provide high-capacity, ease of use, trouble-free operation and increased uptime. All drum components are fully recyclable.

Also at the show will be ESAB’s Demobus, located outside the exhibit hall, “Eingang West.” The mobile showroom will showcase products sold through ESAB’s vast distributor network, from standard welding and cutting equipment and automation to consumables, accessories and personal protection equipment.

For more information about the range of welding and cutting from ESAB, visit, or visit the company at SCHWEISSEN & SCHNEIDEN, September 16–21 2013 in Essen, Germany, Hall 1, Stand D103

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