New brochure for Pilz machine safety sensors

14 August 2013

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New brochure for Pilz machine safety sensorsPilz has published a new brochure detailing its range of PSEN sensors for machinery safety applications and the benefits these offer for machine builders, system integrators and end users.

In addition, the literature provides examples of how combinations of sensors and safe control technologies deliver further advantages in terms of a safe, cost-effective and approved 'complete safety solution' - all of which is backed up by a portfolio of services including risk assessment, safety consultancy, concept development, safety system design, engineering, validation and training.

New products

The leaflet contains information on the PIT emergency stop devices, and new products within the following ranges:

  • PSENcode coded safety switches for safe monitoring and differentiation between positions
  • PSENbolt safety bolts
  • PSENslock safety gate system for secure monitoring of safety gates combined with non-contact magnetic interlocks
  • PSENopt light beam devices for finger, hand and body detection

Throughout the brochure Pilz has provided web codes to help direct engineers to the correct product page on the website as easily as possible. Where appropriate, selection guides help users choose the correct model of a particular sensor for a given machinery safety application. In some cases there are QR codes as well, for users of mobile devices.

Follow the links for more information about Pilz PSEN sensor products or to download a copy of the 124-page PSEN sensor brochure (7MB PDF). Alternatively, request a copy using the 'Request information' button at the top of this page.

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