Nickel-based consumables for arc welding processes from ESAB

22 August 2013

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Nickel-based consumables for arc welding processes from ESABESAB provides a comprehensive range of consumables for all the major arc welding processes used with nickel alloys, dissimilar welds, cast iron, cryogenic applications and for nickel alloy cladding. MMA electrodes, MIG Wires, TIG Rods, SAW Flux-Cored Wire and Strip Cladding Combinations are all available. ESAB has simplified the selection of these global products by making names, classifications, approvals and quality standards the same everywhere.

ESAB’s nickel-based range is available under AWS alloy-coded product names and the products can also be supplied on request according to the ASME QSC standard. All the consumables are produced in-house, and ESAB’s commitment to quality, the environment and operator safety is paramount. The company has achieved ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 standards in environmental, health and safety management systems across all its global manufacturing facilities.

The consumables offer a superior surface finish, column strength and controlled cast and helix for trouble-free wire feeding as well as X-ray quality welds. The range includes OK 92.55, the leading MMA electrode for the welding of 9 per cent Ni steel in LNG tank construction. OK Autorod NiCrMo-3 MIG wire is designed for welding high-alloyed heat-resistant and corrosion-resistant materials. Submerged arc and strip cladding fluxes include the OK Flux range.

ESAB Marathon Pac bulk wire drums with a content of 100 or 250kg of nickel-based welding wire are available. They will reduce downtime for wire spool exchange, contributing to an increase in welding productivity. Another major advantage is that straight wire delivery from Marathon Pac results in well-positioned welds and fewer rejects.

Fabricators can call upon ESAB’s technical support for comprehensive advice on the application of nickel-based consumables and their integration with manual and automated welding processes.

For more information, ESAB’s Nickel-Based Welding consumables brochure is available, and there is more information at

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