Linear motion FAQs answered by Techdrives

18 February 2019

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Linear motion FAQs answered by TechdrivesTechdrives has published linear motion FAQs on its website to help machine builders who specify products such as linear actuators, screw jacks and ball screws. These FAQs are useful both for less experienced designers and those who want to check that their existing knowledge is up to date.

What follows is typical of the FAQs, but use the links to see more and to read the answers provided by Techdrives.

Industrial electric linear actuators

  • Acme thread or ball screw designs? What duty cycles are allowed?
  • What speed accuracy do linear actuators achieve?
  • Are there limits for side loads and buckling?
  • What lifetime can I expect?
  • What are critical speeds?
  • Can I position with linear actuators?

See the full list of industrial electric linear actuator FAQs.

Screw Jacks

  • What is the performance range of screw jacks?
  • How do I choose between travelling screw and travelling nut designs?
  • What duty cycles are possible?
  • What are limiting factors to the performance?
  • What motors can be used?
  • How should the stroke be controlled?
  • What about difficult environments?

See the full list of screw jack FAQs.

Ball screws

  • When should I choose a ball screw system?
  • What performance is possible?
  • What ambient conditions are needed?
  • Which international standards apply?
  • What are the standard accuracy grades?
  • What about efficiency and energy consumption?
  • What lifetime should I expect from a ball screw?

See the full list of ball screw FAQs.

Techdrives, which is a division of Lenze in the UK, offers an extensive portfolio of products for machine builders to extend the range of drives and automation products from Lenze. Techdrives supplies linear motion products, small geared motors, servo systems, signal towers, clutches and brakes, shaft couplings, locking bushes and torque limiters. These are available as components, often from stock, or as part of a package with Lenze products. Depending on the requirements, special designs can also be offered.

Follow the links for more information about the Techdrives portfolio or to contact Techdrives.

Lenze Selection (a division of Lenze Ltd)visit website
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