New app from Phoenix Contact explains surge protection

02 October 2013

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New app from Phoenix Contact explains surge protectionPhoenix Contact is offering a new surge protection app for Smartphones (available at Google Play and in the App Store). This app represents a modern, easy-to-use tool for an electrician that allows them to convince customers of the need to protect their equipment against surges.

Together with the customer, the electrician can use the app to fit a single-family home with surge protection. An animated diagram shows where and how well the house is protected. In addition, videos such as the Simple Show or a montage of lab tests performed at Phoenix Contact demonstrate why surge protection is so important.

All selected products are stored in lists of protected devices or equipment. These lists can be sent to the customer as part of the consultation or used to prepare a quote. The app has many uses for home owners and building contractors as well. If someone is looking to retrofit their home with surge protection, they can find the products they need in the app and send the list to their electrical supplies dealer.

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