Rockwell CEO to address Internet of Things World Forum

14 October 2013

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Rockwell CEO to address Internet of Things World ForumRockwell Automation Chairman and CEO, Keith D. Nosbusch, will deliver a keynote presentation during the inaugural Internet of Things World Forum, a global event that unites thought leaders, business leaders and practitioners in business, industry, government and academia. Hosted by Cisco and held 29–31 October 2013, in Barcelona, Spain, the event’s objective is to create a collaborative framework that will accelerate the adoption and positive impact of the Internet of Things on the global economy, society and environment.

Nosbusch will articulate the Rockwell Automation vision – in collaboration with Cisco and others – to help its industrial customers lay a foundation for a secure, connected enterprise using standard Ethernet and Internet protocols to connect people, processes, data and things to drive greater productivity and sustainable competitive differentiation.

Nosbusch says: “Rockwell Automation is the world’s largest company dedicated to industrial automation and information, and has been at the forefront driving connected-enterprise strategies for more than a decade. As the industrial space continues to become a more pervasive element of the Internet of Things, the operational rewards of securely making the right information available at the right time throughout the enterprise are even greater. That seamless integration of the enterprise, supply chain and the plant is becoming the next wave of competitive differentiation.”

At the Forum, Rockwell Automation executives will lead discussions on several topics, including addressing network and physical security within Internet of Things environments; understanding the value of a secure, holistic, digital-communications fabric based on standard unmodified Internet Protocol via the Industrial IP Advantage partnership; building the Internet of Things business case; and transforming supply chains with the Internet of Things and big data.

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