Pilz PASmsi app for machine PL and SIL determination

12 December 2013

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Pilz PASmsi app for machine PL and SIL determinationPilz is launching the PASmsi Mobile Safety Inspector app for assessing risks on machinery, plant and equipment. Versions are available for iOS and Android operating systems, both of which are free of charge.

In line with the requirements of EN ISO 13849-1 and EN 62061 (IEC 62061), the PASmsi app enables users to perform and document the typical calculations for PL (Performance Level) and SIL (Safety Integrity Level). Of course, the advantage offered by the app is that the assessment can be undertaken in front of the machine and, when viewing the machine later, all of the key data is to hand.

The PASmsi app's main functions are as follows:

  • Risk estimation: Determination of the risk level (PLr and SIL)
  • Calculation of the achievable Performance Level (PL)
  • Calculation of the number of operations (NOP) and service interval
  • Helps users to decide whether fresh CE marking is required after a machine has been modified
  • Always up to date: PASmsi provides up-to-date information on every issue relating to machinery safety
  • Documentation, management, saving and sending: every project is to hand
  • Create and store photos
  • Languages: English and German

Pilz has developed two versions of the PASmsi app for Android (Google) and iOS (Apple) operating systems. These can either be downloaded via the links below or by scanning the QR codes.

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