Universal joint FAQs answered by Techdrives

13 February 2014

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Universal joint FAQs answered by TechdrivesTechdrives has published universal joint FAQs on its website to help machine builders who specify this type of coupling for machinery and equipment. Inexperienced designers will find the FAQs useful, as will experienced engineers who want to find out more information about topics such as standards.

The following are the main points covered by the universal joint FAQs:

  • How to specify the right type of universal joint
  • Output speed versus input speed
  • Lubrication
  • Universal joint installation
  • Attaching universal joints to shafts
  • Advantages of telescopic universal joints
  • Universal joint standards

Answers to the frequently asked questions cover issues including different types of universal joint (UJ) with plain bearings and needle roller bearings, the advantages of double-joint UJs, the alignment of joint knuckles, options for special shaft attachments, and situations when telescopic joints should and should not be used.

Follow the link to see the universal joint FAQs answered by Techdrives, find out more about the models available from this supplier, and download technical literature.

Lenze Selection (a division of Lenze Ltd)visit website
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