R. A. Rodriguez appoints a dedicated gears manager

17 February 2014

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R. A. Rodriguez appoints a dedicated gears managerR. A. Rodriguez has long been a name associated with the supply of quality gears to the UK and Europe through its partnership with KHK Gears in Japan. The company is now looking to further enhance their position in the UK market by launching a range of custom gears and standard worm gear sets from the German gear manufacturer Framo Morat. In addition to that, R. A. Rodriguez will also supply custom injection moulded gear components, manufactured by Framo Morat’s sister company F. Morat.

Framo Morat is a gear specialist with which R. A. Rodriguez already has a very successful relationship for drives systems. The manufacturer is ranked amongst the leading gear suppliers in Europe, whose continued investment in production technology also allows it to cost-effectively supply custom products. The Franz Morat Group of companies has over 100 years of experience in metal processing and 50 years of innovation in plastic injection moulding technology.

The growing profile of its gears business has now led R. A. Rodriguez to appoint a dedicated product manager for gears. This is an important move for the company whose continued success is based on both quality products and sound engineering and applications advice.

As a result, the man chosen for this new role is Darren Reynolds. Since 2011, Darren has been responsible for selling the entire R. A. Rodriguez range of precision engineering components in England and Wales. He is now focussing his attention on gears and one of his first tasks will be to introduce the new Framo Morat range to UK industry.

Darren explains: “All of our gear products provide high quality at a competitive price but the increased focus on the range from the Franz Morat Group allows us to add another dimension to our business. Framo Morat produces in the region of one million worm gear sets per annum, many of which are customer-specific. Our ability to offer this service to UK manufacturers gives R. A. Rodriguez an important edge.”

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