WEG exhibits at World Petroleum Congress for the first time

19 May 2014

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WEG is committed to helping customers in the oil and gas industry to increase energy efficiencies while operating safely. The company will be exhibiting its wide range of energy-efficient and high-performance equipment at World Petroleum Congress for the first time, stand 13C9. Visitors to the WEG stand will be able to see the company’s range of motors, generators, drives and controls, and meet industry experts to learn more about how to increase operation efficiencies.

As energy efficiency is becoming more important to oil and gas industry processes, WEG is positioned to enable oil and gas engineers to make energy savings with its comprehensive portfolio of products for rugged and extreme environments. WEG works with OEM pump suppliers and major oil and gas companies worldwide to help them realise energy cost savings and improve bottom-line results, and its reliable and efficient products are used in applications from the incoming power distribution network to the produce flowing from the process.

Marek Lukaszczyk, European Marketing Manager at WEG says: “At WEG we strongly believe that users should not have to sacrifice efficiency for safety when it is possible to have both. In many hazardous areas in the oil and gas industry motors will often run continuously or for long periods, resulting in a high usage of power, which consequently makes the use of energy-efficient products all the more important. WEG’s equipment is used in some of the most prestigious oil projects worldwide and we have extensive experience in this field.”

For example, WEG’s W22XB high-efficiency motors are providing an explosion-protected system for Rosneft, the Russian oil company, in the harshness of the Arctic Circle. Designed for long-term operation at temperatures down to -60degC, the W22XB motors are driving crude oil pumps in the giant Vankor Oil Field situated in the Siberian Region, Krasnoyarsk. WEG is also a major supplier of control and automation systems and equipment to Brazilian oil company Petrobras, and its equipment provides energy efficient operation in the most arduous applications and environment, regardless of the location: from projects in the coldest regions of Siberia and the deepest oceans of the world, to the hottest deserts in the Middle East.

Highlights on the stand include the WEG W22Xd low-voltage flameproof motor which meets worldwide standards and is certified to meet European ATEX and International IECEx requirements, and the TRCU / GOST certification in Russia. The motor has been designed in conjunction with the oil and gas industry to deliver outstanding performance, reliability and safety in aggressive and explosive atmospheres. It has an exceptionally high energy efficiency rating to IE4 and as a result, users can optimise their processes and reduce energy usage. The new W22Xd line affords WEG the capability to provide a comprehensive range of hazardous area motor products from IEC frame sizes 71 to 710.

Quick start-up times

Used on many applications including water injection, multi-stage gas compression and oil pipeline duties, the M-Line is WEG’s cornerstone product for the oil and gas market. Designed for larger applications in the output range up to 20MW, the M-Line range utilises a box frame construction that is suited to Ex.p. and pre-start purged Ex.n. applications for zone 1 and zone 2 areas having low leakage rates. The internal dispersement pipes within the box frame ensure an efficient and quick purge cycle, thus keeping the cost of providing purging air/ inert gas to a minimum and, more importantly, providing quick start-up times for operators.

For smaller applications, WEG’s H-Line range offers robustness of construction and is available in safe area, Ex n and Ex e designs. The “H” Line motors cater for medium voltage applications in the range up to 3.15MW and voltages up to 6600V (50 or 60Hz). Manufactured in IEC frame sizes from 315 to 630, they are compact and reliable machines with sturdy cast-iron frames and high levels of resistance to corrosion.

Complementing the motors is WEG’s MVW-01 drive which achieves 99 per cent efficiency. It is an innovative design that employs Multilevel Topology to minimise component levels, and high voltage (6.5kV) IBGTs to reduce motor harmonic currents to very low levels.

WEG is one of only a few manufacturers of speed variation systems for medium voltage that can offer a total package, including input switchgear, dry or oil-filled phase-shifting transformer, variable speed drive (VSD) and medium voltage motor.

To learn more about WEG’s motors, generators, drives and controls visit stand 13C9 at World Petroleum Congress, or go to

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