How to keep Windows XP-based systems secure until 2019

14 July 2014

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How to keep Windows XP-based systems secure until 2019Advantech is introducing best practice offerings to ensure normal functioning of Microsoft XP Pro systems even though product support from Microsoft has ended. With Microsoft's recent announcement, technical support for Windows XP Pro ended on 8 April 2014. Even though Microsoft embedded channels are still able to provide XP Pro product availability (through 31 December 2016), Microsoft will no longer be issuing any security updates for the operating system. However, Advantech is able to offer advice on how to keep XP-based systems secure to help you maintain embedded platform longevity and reliability.

Windows Embedded Standard (WES 2009) is an XP-based operating system, providing a modular version of Windows XP that can be fully customised to include only the software needed for a customer application, thereby eliminating extraneous programs and limiting potential security vulnerabilities. Since WES 2009 is an XP-based operating system, any customer applications that can be run on XP Pro can also be run on WES 2009.

Windows Embedded Standard is committed to 15 years of product availability with 10 years of support, and no-cost security updates. For systems that currently run on XP, migration to WES 2009 with Microsoft security updates is available until 2019, and licences are available until 2024. Migrating to WES 2009 is a good choice for customers who do not want to change their applications but still want to be able to have long-term technical support.


For customers who prefer to continue using their current application setup, Advantech provides WES 2009 without the need to change their applications, and with security updates until 2019 and licences sales until 2024. And for customers who would like to adopt the latest Intel chipsets, Advantech can provide the operating systems and technologies.

As a Microsoft Embedded Gold Partner, Advantech provides Microsoft Windows OS options that are complete and compatible with industrial platforms and systems. The company fulfils the varied needs of customers and is committed to support a smooth migration path during this critical transition period.

Follow the link to find out more about Windows Embedded Standard (WES 2009).

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