Thin section bearings for commercial aircraft

15 July 2014

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Thin section bearings for commercial aircraftKaydon Reali-Slim bearings supplied by R. A. Rodriguez are proving particularly popular in the commercial aviation industry. Not only do they meet its demanding performance criteria but their low weight contributes to overall fuel economy.

Designed with a cross-section that stays constant as bore diameter increases, these precision components provide the dynamic capacities of heavier alternatives in a smaller envelope. In addition to saving weight and space, Reali-Slim bearings provide excellent stiffness, reduced friction and low torque even in temperature extremes.

To give designers serving the commercial aviation industry a quick overview of Kaydon Bearings, an SKF Group brand, a dedicated brochure has been published. It gives the reader an introduction to the styles and sizes available and also the material options for the products whose quality is assured by AS9100C certification.

Typical applications for the proven Reali-Slim range include flap gearboxes and actuators for flight control, radar and antennae, landing gear, rotor heads and transmissions.

Entitled ‘Kaydon infinite bearing solutions for commercial aerospace applications’ the brochure can be downloaded as a PDF from the R. A. Rodriguez website at The site also provides much more detailed information on the entire Kaydon range including custom design capability.

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