Advantech Industrial Automation Group Europe fuels growth

10 September 2014

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Advantech Industrial Automation Group Europe fuels growthAdvantech Industrial Automation Group Europe continued solid growth in the first half of 2014, adding more than 30 new jobs and planning to expand Service Centre facility in Eindhoven, the Netherlands to meet growing demand for its products.

Tineke Bergen, the Marketing Manager for Industrial Automation Europe, says: "In 2014, we are embarking on a very ambitious European launch year to meet customers' demand for our products and solutions. We are investing even more through our 'Advantech System Solutions Provider' Strategy to serve more customers, in more segments – and deliver profitable growth. We invest a lot in developing new solutions that fit the vertical market needs in the areas of: machine and factory automation, power and energy, intelligent transportation and building automation."

The growth in 2014 bodes well for a strong year for Advantech in 2015. The company continues its growth due to having a technology-driven, fresh product line-up in the industry, while adding more jobs and people. Jeff Shih, AVP of global services at Advantech, says: "In July 2014, we reached a milestone in Advantech Europe's Service Centre in Eindhoven, the Netherlands. The synergy of all departments including quality, sales and product management, marketing, supply chain, customer fulfilment, technical and control engineers enabled us to reach a world product shipment record in July 2014 and best monthly sales record of $9million. We are on track of reach $2billion sales during the next five years."

This momentum is a team success and affects all Advantech business groups: Automation, Embedded Computing and Intelligent Services. Chaney Ho, Advantech's President, explains: "The core spirit of the Advantech Corporation is well presented in its corporate altruistic LITA Tree diagram [see below]. The altruistic LITA tree represents our corporate philosophy, business vision, corporate governance as well as talent strategy." Chaney Ho likens the growing of Advantech to "the growth of one tree into a forest. Our business expands like the forest, and each tree represents a business group."

Advantech Europe B.V. continued its growth in all areas of the business during the first quarters of 2014, creating the needs not only for more people. Applying the 6S (six sigma) philosophy, Advantech focuses on creating effective workplace organisation and standardised work procedures, simplifying the work environment, reducing waste and non-value activities while improving quality efficiency and safety. To fulfil this, Advantech is considering investing more than $2million to retool, expand by 1800m2 and improve the facilities of its distribution hub in Science Park Eindhoven, the Netherlands.

Industrial Automation Group Europe's strategy is to serve its customers with even more technology-driven system products and to increase its capacity to provide these to the market. The group added more than 30 new jobs and hires during first half 2014. Jash Bansidhar, the Sales Director for Industrial Automation at Advantech Europe B.V., says: "With more products, facilities and people, in 2015 Advantech Industrial Automation will take another significant step in the implementation of our Pan-European growth plan. Our group is planning to fuel this growth, hiring more employees and creating more new jobs in Europe for next year. But no matter how great an organisation's physical or financial resources, or how successful its product or service, it is clear that no organisation can thrive without its foundation and its blood – its people."

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