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18 September 2014

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One-stop shop for standard and custom gearsR.A. Rodriguez (UK) is promoting its standard and custom gear ranges for customers in the UK and Europe. Recent developments have included a new website dedicated to selling standard products from KHK gears, a wider selection of custom gears and worm gear sets, custom injection moulded gear components, and the appointment of a dedicated sales manager for gear products.

The new R.A. Rodriguez online gear shop at provides customers with instant access to an exceptional choice of gears and associated products. More than 9000 stock items from KHK are available to purchase in a range of materials, with R.A. Rodriguez (UK) being KHK's European master distributor. Gear products available include spur gears, straight and spiral bevel gears, straight and spiral mitre gears, racks, screw gears (crossed helical gears), and worms and worm wheels.

For customers needing something more specialised, R. A. Rodriguez recently introduced a range of custom gears and standard worm gear sets from the German gear manufacturer Framo Morat. In addition to that, the company can also supply custom injection moulded gear components manufactured by Framo Morat's sister company F. Morat.

Darren Reynolds, the recently appointed R. A. Rodriguez Gear Product Manager, explains the benefits of having the online shop alongside the more traditional purchasing model: "This is a service that our customers have requested. It gives them the option to select and buy online for standard applications as well as talk to us about any special projects that may require our gear modification service."

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