Video: Michael Portillo interviews Pacepacker's Dennis Allison

14 October 2014

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Video: Michael Portillo interviews Pacepacker's Dennis AllisonPacepacker services has uploaded a new video to its YouTube channel showing an interview conducted at the PPMA Show in which Michael Portillo, the former cabinet minister, talks to Dennis Allison, Pacepacker's Managing Director, about how Pacepacker strives to meet its customers' requirements for automated packaging and palletising systems.

Portillo took a tour of the large stand that Pacepacker shared with Fanuc to display seven automation systems including articulated arm, Cartesian and delta (parallel kinematics) robots completing a variety of packing and palletising tasks. In the interview, Portillo and Allison discuss a typical packaging application and the increasing adoption of automation in the food industry; they also look at several of the demonstration systems, including Pacepacker's bulk bagging and sack placing equipment for high-speed packing of aggregates, agricultural, chemical and food products into bags and nets.

It is clear from the interview that Pacepacker works hard to understand its customers' true requirements, which enables it to provide a complete automation system, not just a single machine or robot.

Follow the links to watch Michael Portillo interviewing Dennis Allison and to find out more about Pacepacker's robotic packaging and palletising systems.

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