Pneumatic to electric actuator conversion – free webinar

24 November 2014

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The new PC-Series electric linear actuators from Thomson Industries Inc. offer breakthrough performance and efficiency advantages over pneumatic cylinders. A free, live webinar will explain the tangible benefits and answer the questions design engineers may have when considering switching to electric actuation in their machine designs.

The PC-Series actuators have efficiencies of over 80 per cent compared with a typical 10–15 per cent for pneumatic equivalents. They require less maintenance, simplify machine design, offer significant through-life cost savings and are suitable for 100 per cent duty cycle applications that require high accuracy and reliability.

The webinar will discuss how easily the change from pneumatic to electric actuation in machine design can be achieved. It will also show how the smaller footprint, longer stroke length and increased power density of the range compared with alternate technologies give designers more freedom to optimise machine designs and increase functionality.

Niklas Sjöström, Thomson Product Line Manager, will host the webinar. He will cover the simplicity of pneumatic to electric conversion and the benefits of the PC-Series range. Niklas will also discuss the wide range of applications and also offer support with product selection/sizing.

The Pneumatic to Electric Conversion Made Simple webinar will be held on November 26, 2014. More details and how to dial in can be found at:

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