Astute Electromech division targets hi-rel industries

01 December 2014

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Astute Electromech division targets hi-rel industriesAstute Electronics, a distributor of electronic components and value-added services, has launched a franchised electromechanical division to complement the brokerage activities upon which it has already founded a reputation for quality, excellence and responsiveness.

Heading up the new electromechanical division is Gary Evans who has many years in international sales and marketing roles at leading connector companies including Deutsch, ITT and Harwin. Evans is supported by highly experienced technical design staff and Astute's internal sales teams.

The division launches with six significant franchises: Amphenol, Airborn, Delphi, Fischer, Positronic and Quell. The initial manufacturing partners, explains Evans, have been chosen for the innovative products and technologies they offer, plus their applicability to Astute's key customer base, which includes many of the world's leading defence and high-reliability companies.

Gary Evans comments: "Names such as Amphenol, Airborn and Delphi speak for themselves. They have been the preferred choice of our customers for many years, so it is an obvious benefit that we have formalised our relationship with these suppliers. Fischer is also well-known and offers products that feature innovative contact technology which are rugged yet space-saving and have high environmental ratings. Positronic adds excellent power connectors, plus a wide range of standard and custom devices for hi-rel applications.

"We are also very excited about a new name - Quell – which offers unique EESEAL technology that addresses EMC issues both at the design stage and during final test. Suppression is contained within the seal itself reducing size, and delivery is under seven days from concept, slashing TTM.

"We are looking to combine Astute's ferocious customer service ethos with the best technical design in support delivered by professionals who have built excellent careers at the world's top connector manufacturers before moving into distribution."

Follow the link to visit Astute's website and find out more about the products availabel from the new electromech division:

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